Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mungo- Found

You have likely seen fliers for "Mungo" the lost orange cat. He was even mentioned at our December General Meeting. Well, he was found by a neighbor on Stonehedge and after a three weeks on  the loose...He is home safe and sound.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Looking ahead to 2015

Please make your calendars!!

General Meeting Dates

March 10

June 9

September 8

December 8


Steering Meeting Dates

February 10

May 12

August 11

November 10

PAC3 Meeting - this Saturday-December 13

PAC3 Meeting - this Saturday-December 13
PAC 3 Neighbors,

Join us this Saturday, December 13, from 10 am to noon for our monthly
PAC3 meeting. The meeting is held at 1309 Halley Street, Durham, NC
27707 (Community Family Life & Recreation Center at Lyon Park.)
**Guest Speaker:* Josh Edwards, Strategic Initiatives Manager for the
City of Durham.
*Topic:* "What's Next? for the City's Strategic Plan."
The City of Durham Strategic Plan, updated every two years, is the
City's business plan--a guide used to direct energies in almost every
area of city government. The plan includes five goals:
. Safe and Secure Community
. Thriving, Livable Neighborhoods
. Well-managed City
. Stewardship of City's Physical Assets
. Strong and Diverse Economy

*What's Next?* The City of Durham is currently seeking direction on the
strategic plan's 5 goals and where the City should focus future efforts
through the survey "What's Next?" Citizen input and perspective helps
shape the strategy to reach these goals.
Please take a few minutes right now to offer your input and ideas to
help our community achieve the long-term goals.
Go to: and click on "What's Next Survey."

In addition to the featured topic, the meeting will include reports from
various City Departments and our District 3 Commander, Captain David
Addison. This meeting offers you the opportunity to voice your concerns,
questions and comments.

 See you Saturday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December General Meeting, Elections, and Holiday Gathering


December General Meeting, Elections, and Holiday Gathering


Date: December 9, 2014

Time: 7:00 P.M.

Location: Harris, Inc.
3505 Hillsborough Rd, Durham, NC 27705

This is our December general meeting where we will have guest speaker James T. Soukup, director of the Durham 911 center. We also will hold general elections. Please bring a dessert to share with neighbors.
HVNNA will be collection non-perishable food to donate to a local food pantry. Please bring any food you would like to donate.


Monday, November 24, 2014

December meeting

Mark your calendar for the December General meeting on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 7pm.

Residents Encouraged to Properly Dispose of Leaves and Other Yard Waste Debris

Residents Encouraged to Properly Dispose of Leaves and Other Yard Waste Debris

Improperly Disposed Leaves Can Clog Stormwater Drains and Contaminate Waterways

​DURHAM, N.C. –  As leaves stop falling and residents perform their final yard maintenance before the spring, the City of Durham is reminding residents to properly dispose of leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste debris.

When residents and business owners blow leaves into the street, the leaves can clog the City’s storm drains and ultimately cause flooding. Leaves also pollute the community’s waterways by adding too many nutrients to the water.

Residents and business owners are encouraged to follow these tips for proper disposal:
•    Enroll in the City’s yard waste program and place leaves and other yard debris in the brown yard waste cart for curbside collection.
•    Dispose of leaves at the City’s Waste Disposal and Recycling Center at 2115 E. Club Blvd., Durham.
•    Mulch leaves in the yard with a lawn mower.
•    Rake leaves and put them in a home compost pile.
•    Hire a landscape maintenance firm that properly disposes of yard waste.
•    Leaf burning is prohibited within Durham city limits.

Leaves may be brought to the City’s Waste Disposal and Recycling Center in biodegradable paper bags, garbage bags, or in trailers covered by a tarp. If residents bring leaves in plastic bags, the leaves must be emptied onto the ground in the appropriate yard waste area and the bags must be properly disposed of by the customer.

For more information about enrolling in the City’s yard waste program, visit the City’s website at or contact Durham One Call at (919) 560-1200.

To report dumping of yard waste into the City’s drainage system, call (919) 560-7946 or e-mail

For more information about the City’s Stormwater Service Division and why it's important to keep leaves, grass, and litter out of the City’s storm drains, visit,, or call (919) 560-4326.

About the Solid Waste Management Department
The City of Durham's Solid Waste Management Department promotes and supports a high quality of life for the residents of Durham by providing comprehensive, responsive, environmentally-safe, efficient and cost-effective solid waste collection, recycling and disposal programs. Department services include roll-out cart collection, cart delivery and repair service, cardboard collection, yard waste collection, waste reduction and recycling, bulky item pick-up, and disposal services. For more information, visit the City's website at

About the Stormwater Services Division with the Public Works Department
The Stormwater Services Division with the City’s Public Works Department is responsible for enforcing all existing stormwater ordinances and regulations. Activities include storm drainage design and plan review; inspecting and maintaining City-owned drainage systems; education and outreach; stream monitoring; and watershed master planning and restoration. For more about this division, visit the City’s website at