Monday, January 16, 2012

Get free money to help stop your yard from eroding away

The Community Conservation Assistance Program will reimburse qualifying homeowners up to 75% of the average cost of a rain garden or several other options to stop soil erosion. The goal of the CCAP is to reduce water pollution. To do this, they are encouraging landowners to use Best Management Practices to prevent eroded soil from entering our streams and storm drains. If you have heavy soil erosion or a gutter that empties directly into a storm drain, stream or other body of water, it could be worth looking into this program.

We will be hosting a meeting with CCAP representative Michael DuPree on February 7th at the Shannon Rd library at 7pm. Please come learn more about the program.

There are funds available this year, but they may not be there next year. Two neighbors have already taken advantage of this program.

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