Friday, August 3, 2012

Break-in in our neighborhood

One of our HVN neighbors had their house broken into while out of town on vacation last week. Here are some tips to prevent residential burglaries.

1. Make sure that all exterior doors have sturdy, well installed dead bolt locks. Regular key-in the knob locks alone are not enough.
2. Sliding glass doors can be secured by installing commercial locks or putting a broomstick handle or dowel in the inside track to jam the door. To prevent the door from being lifted off the track, drill a hole through the sliding door frame and the fixed frame and insert a pin in the hole.
3. Lock double–hung windows with key locks or "pin" your windows by drilling a small hole at a 45 degree angle between the inner and outer frames, then insert a nail that can be removed only from the inside.
4. Instead of hiding keys around the outside of your home, give a neighbor you trust an extra key for emergencies.
5. When you move into a new home re-key the locks on all exterior doors immediately.
6. Burglars hate bright lights. Install flood lighting to your home’s exterior and keep them on at night or set them to detect motion around your home.
7. Don't hire strangers to cut your grass or perform work on your home. Burglars use these opportunities to find out what valuables you own and to learn how to break into your home when you're away.
8. Take regular walks in your neighborhood and make mental note of your surroundings. If something looks strange or out of place, call the police immediately.
9. When you're at home, look outside from your windows and do a quick inspection of the area and call the police if you see anything suspicious.
10. Call the police if you see a person tampering with doors and windows in your neighborhood. Your call to police may prevent a burglary in your neighborhood.

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