Friday, December 14, 2012

BEWARE...people offering to paint house numbers on the curb

Many neighbors received notice of people coming through the neighborhood tomorrow painting numbers on the curb. Numbers on the curb are NOT requirement from the city and this service is often a scam. A crew offering this service in Woodcroft last year took cash in advance and never came back to paint the numbers. EMS and Police cannot see numbers on the curb at night. If you want to be more visible reflective house numbers are a far better way to do it.

As always, if a stranger comes to your door offering a service…BEWARE.

Below is a response from the Durham PD when another neighborhood asked about this

I want to thank you for bringing this to the attention of PAC3. However, I want to make everyone aware of a scam using this same technique which occurred last year. Several homeowners did not receive anything for the monies that were paid. I am not aware of any City of Durham requirement regarding this topic and encourage everyone to employ precaution when solicited for services similar to this.

If you want to make your home more visible for responding police, emergency medical or fire personnel, meet with your community and make it a project for your neighborhood and do it together. This will allow everyone to be uniform and it looks good throughout the community. Also, any local home improvement store has reflecting larger numbers which can be installed on your mailbox with very little effort along with other creative options which is visible either day or night. If you do not feel comfortable when approached by these individuals, please call 911 immediately so we can respond and identify them.

Have a great weekend!


Captain David W. Addison
Commander, District Three

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