Thursday, January 17, 2013

FREE Home Energy House Call - Duke Energy

Home Energy House Call is a free in-home energy assessment designed to help you learn how your home uses energy and how you can save on your monthly bills. The program provides personalized information unique to your home and energy practices. This service is available to Duke Energy customers that meet the qualifications below.

How do I qualify?

You qualify for a free Home Energy House Call if you:
  • Are a Duke Energy customer
  • Own your single-family home and have lived there for at least four months
  • Have an electric water heater and/or electric heat, or central air
  • Mobile homes – due to such specific building specifications there is little room for improvement, therefore do not qualify.
  • Rental properties - Duke Energy prefers to work directly with home owners to avoid seeking the approval from the property owner who may not be interested in having any of the recommended energy efficient items installed at their apartment/house. Additionally, since many customers may only reside in rental property on a temporary basis it’s difficult to obtain your personalized electric usage needed to validate the cost savings calculated in the personalized energy report you receive following the on-site audit.

How it Works

One homeowner must be present at the time of the audit. A trained energy specialist will visit your home, at your convenience, to conduct a thorough in-home analysis. The energy specialist will:
  • Analyze your total home energy usage
  • Check your home for air leaks
  • Examine your insulation levels
  • Review your appliances and heating/cooling system
From the information collected, a custom-tailored report detailing steps you can take to increase efficiency and reduce your energy bill is prepared and given to you before your energy specialist leaves your home.
As part of our commitment to saving you money on your energy bill, we will also provide you with a free Energy Efficiency Starter Kit that includes Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs. The energy specialist can install the items at the time of your Home Energy House Call, so you can begin saving your energy dollars right away.
Begin saving on your energy bill today!

Complete the request form at this link or call 1-877-388-7676 to sign up.

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