Friday, May 24, 2013

Message from the Durham Police Department

As Summer Approaches...

Thu May 23, 2013 8:52 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Addison, David"


As we breach the summer months, please remember to stay vigilant
regarding suspects/criminals in our community.

Customarily, we have an increase in criminal activity as the
temperatures rise but there are things we can do to reduce the
opportunities for criminals. Many families will take vacations during
the summer when the kids are out of school. Please do not advertise
your vacations on social media outlets. Living in an instant medium, we
want to share our experiences with those we love usually when it
happens. When you post a picture of you and your loved ones from your
vacation spot, it informs criminals regarding the possibility of no one
being home. Share your pictures via social media when you return
letting everyone know what you did last week. Also have someone to
collect your mail and newspapers in your absence. Do not give the
appearance that you are not home.

Be conscious of individuals walking through our communities. Some
criminals have become more savvy and employing backpacks and bicycles as
part of their disguise. They will survey your residence by looking
through open windows for items of value. Their usual point of entry is
the rear of the residence facing a wood line or where they cannot be
seen. After going through an unlocked window or prying a window open,
they are able to take what they observe through the window along with
other items which could not be seen. They casually walk out the front
door and get on their bike or an awaiting vehicle. So before leaving
your residence, please close your blinds and set your alarm. You may
think, I will only be gone for a couple minutes but in under six minutes
a criminal can enter, steal your items and leave your residence.

Together, we can keep crime down and criminals away. We have shared
several success stories when the community is involved by calling 911
regarding suspicious persons or activities. I thank you for your
diligence however we have more work to do. Please continue to call 911
giving descriptions of suspicious persons or activities. The more
information provided, the greater the success rate of officers locating,
identifying and arresting criminals.

Officers will continue to drive through your neighborhoods between
answering calls to interact with you while keeping criminals away. We
look forward to continuing to serve all of you. Enjoy your weekend!!!


Captain David W. Addison
Commander, District Three

Durham Police Department

8 Consultant Place

Durham, NC 27707

919-560-4583 ext. 29352 desk

919-225-0010 cell

919-560-4827 fax

www.durhampolice. com <http://www.durhampo>

david.addison@ durhamnc. gov

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