Friday, June 28, 2013

crime in HVN

With warmer weather and longer days, there generally comes in increase in crime. In June alone in Hope Valley North (and adjacent streets) there have been three arrests, three thefts and two burglaries. Please keep an eye out for yourself and your neighbors. Call the police if you see anything suspicious. Lock your house and your car. Don’t leave lawn equipment out where it can be stolen.

Theft @ 3600 BLOCK OF DIXON RD                                           06/26/13 09:54 AM

Burglary @ 3300 BLOCK OF DEVON RD                                    06/26/13 09:06 AM

Theft @ 1000 BLOCK OF STONEHEDGE AVENUE                 06/21/13 08:08 AM

Burglary @ 3600 BLOCK OF DIXON RD                                     06/21/13 07:09 AM

Arrest @ 1000 BLOCK OF STONEHEDGE AVE                         06/14/13 02:34 PM

Arrest @ 3600 BLOCK OF SHREWSBURY ST                            06/14/13 02:20 PM

Arrest @ 1100 BLOCK OF SAXONY DR                                      06/14/13 01:59 PM

Theft @ 3500 BLOCK OF DIXON RD                                           06/08/13 12:00 AM

Monday, June 10, 2013

meeting reminder

Don't forget to come out to the neighborhood meeting Tuesday night at 7pm. Shelly Place cul-de-sac. Bring a chair to sit in. Free hot dogs!!

Bring your trash cans in. No pick-up this week.

The City of Durham  Solid Waste Management Department  has suspended trash and recycling collections on Thursday, January 18. Road and weat...