Wednesday, September 4, 2013

tree removal

I noticed I certain red head with a chain saw has come back to our neighborhood so here’s a head’s up. Anyone can buy a chainsaw and call themselves a tree service. But an important question to ask BEFORE you hire a tree service: Do they have a business license and are they insured?

Tree work can be very dangerous and requires trained, skilled professionals with the proper safety gear, as well as a license, and insurance.

Always make sure the service you are use has current liability insurance and tell them you want to see a copy of it. Some companies will tell you they are insured when they really aren't. If you had work done by a company without insurance and there was an accident causing damage or injuries, you as the homeowner could be held liable. The property damage will not be covered and anyone getting injured on your property could possibly sue. If the tree fall and damages our neighbor’s property, you can be held liable.

But you have been quoted a really cheap price….If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. During these tough economic times we are all looking for bargains. But if a tree service is giving you a very low price, it may be because they a) are not very good, b) do not have the proper insurances and certifications, or c) they only intend to complete part of the job.

Additionally will they be hauling the wood away? If not, you will also have to pay the city to come pick up the tree. And remember, the cut down tree cannot be left in the street. It must be on your property.

Lastly, do not pay for a tree removal or tree trimming project of any kind until the work is done and you are 100% satisfied. There are countless instances of homeowners paying for a tree service project up front, only to have the service disappear after only part of the job is complete and never hear from the company again. The tree service industry is not like the building industry – they should not need to be paid in advance for work.

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