Friday, October 25, 2013

Charge Ahead to a Greener Durham

Get ready to Charge Ahead to a Greener Durham in the coming year! Charge Ahead Durham is a fun, new program that makes it easy for you take actions in your everyday life to help the environment, save money, and improve your overall well-being. We will provide actions and clear guidance on steps you can take to save energy, conserve water, reduce waste, and connect with nature. You report back on what you've done and get entered to win awesome prizes every week. We will be launching in January, but you can sign up now to get notified when the program starts. Whether your motives are leaving a better world for your children, saving money or simplifying your life, Charge Ahead Durham has something for you. Go to to sign up now!

Charge Ahead Durham is designed to involve people from all walks of life and on all levels of current environmental awareness. If you would like to participate, but think you might want some extra help from someone in your neighborhood to implement some of the projects (e.g. you have mobility issues, have limited access to the internet, need transportation to natural areas, etc.), contact the City-County Sustainability Office at 919-560-7993 or

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