Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Durham E-Waste Recycling Event January 11

Durham residents and businesses waiting for the next free opportunity to recycle electronic waste, shred confidential documents, and safely dispose of their Christmas trees should plan to attend the E-Waste Recycling and Paper Shredding Event next month.
The event will be held Saturday, January 11, 2014, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Durham County Memorial Stadium, located at 750 Stadium Dr.
The event, co-sponsored by the City of Durham’s Solid Waste Management Department, Sonoco Recycling, Shimar Recycling, Synergy Recycling and Durham County Government, will accept nearly all electronic devices with a cord, including:
· Computers, laptops, keyboards, mice, printers, monitors, speakers, copiers, scanners, circuit boards, hard drives, computer parts, etc.
· Televisions, stereo equipment, tape players, receivers, amplifiers, record players, etc.
· Kitchen electronics, such as microwaves, mixers, blenders, choppers, etc.
· Telephones, cell phones, and fax machines
· Hair dryers, curling irons, alarm clocks and vacuum cleaner
· Power tools, cordless tools, etc.
· Electronic toys, such as keyboards and video game systems
· This event willnot accept large appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners, or any other appliances that contain Freon.
Confidential paper shredding will also be provided on site. Requirements for shredding include:
· Paper may contain paper clips and staples; however, hanging file folders will not be accepted.
· Only paper should be brought for shredding. CDs, DVDs, and other non-paper items will not be accepted.
· All paper should be loose and not in binders or other binding items made of non-paper.
· Residents may be present to observe their confidential document shredding if the amount to be shredded can fit into one 96-gallon roll cart (approximately 240 pounds of material or approximately eight small, banker boxes of material).
· Participants with larger quantities will have items placed in boxes to be shredded off-site at Shimar Recycling’s secure facility.
Christmas trees will also be accepted at this event. Trees taller than six feet should be cut in half and not placed in bags. Residents should also remove all decorations and hardware, including tinsel, lights, garland, ornaments, nails, and stands.
Durham residents who can’t make this event can still safely and conveniently recycle their old electronics at the City’s Waste Disposal and Recycling Center (Transfer Station), located at 2115 E. Club Blvd. The facility is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to noon.
For information about items accepted at this event or the City’s recycling facilities, contact Durham One Call at (919) 560-1200 or visit

Board members

We would like to thank members of the outgoing 2013 HVNNA board and welcome the new members.

Our new 2014 Board is……

President: Maurice Darden

Vice President: Debbie Lidowski

Treasurer: Martha Wilaby

Secretary: Sandra Johnson

Ast. Secretary: Beth Bader

Thanks to our outgoing president Martha Wilaby and long-time treasurer Glenn Heartwell.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reminder: Meeting TONIGHT!!!

The last HVNN General meeting for 2013 will be held Tuesday, December 10th at 7:00 pm at Harris, Inc (3505 Hillsborough Rd.) There will be a short meeting to conduct business and elections held for the 2014 HVNNA board, then refreshments and a video montage of 2013 in HVNN. Please bring either a dessert or savory to share and non-perishable food items to be donated to a local church food pantry. If you want to carpool or have questions, call Debbie Lidowski @ 919.210.1450.

Items MOST needed for the food pantry!!

Canned Salmon (14.75 oz), Canned Ham (1 lb), Soups (10.75 –20 oz), Cream of Chicken, Other Chicken and Beef Soups, Chowders, Canned Fruit (15 – 20 oz), light syrup or natural fruit juices, Canned Beans: 15 – 16 oz, Kidney, Black & Black Eye, Dried Beans (1 lb), Black and Black Eye, Canned Vegetables (14.25 – 20 oz), Collard Greens, Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Maseca Corn Flour (2 lb), Boxed Cereals (14 – 18 oz), healthy, low sugar varieties, Shelf Stable Milk (32 oz), Pasta: Other pasta varieties (1 lb), Grits (1 lb 2 oz), Toiletries, Paper Products, Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Paper Towels

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

message from Durham PD

I hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving with friends and family. As the Holidays are fast approaching we are seeing an increase in residential break-ins. I have read recent neighborhood posts regarding the break-ins and these posts have been a big help to get information out to your neighbors.
Under the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting there was an estimated 2,103,787 burglaries across the US in 2012. Victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.7 billion in property losses in 2012; overall the average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,230. The clearance rate for these Burglaries in 2012 was 12.7%. (http://www.fbi. gov/about- us/cjis/ucr/ crime-in- the-u.s/2012/ crime-in- the-u.s.- 2012/cius_ home) As you can see these are very difficult crimes to solve. The Police Department needs your help in order to apprehend those responsible. Throughout my last year in District 2, I have seen how information we received, from the community, has led to the apprehension and arrest of several criminals. For that I say a BIG thank you!!! We cannot be successful without you all.

Within the past two month, the Criminal Investigation Team, in District 2, has identified 5 different groups committing break-ins and if you have read the most recent Independent Weekly, you will see the Durham County Sheriff’s Department made a significant arrest of a serial break-in suspect.
Although these arrests and suspects have been identified, our break-ins continue. I am asking for your help to be extra vigilant and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Please call 911 immediately.

Some examples of suspicious activity are listed below:
* Cars backed into driveways that don’t belong at the residence
* People being dropped off from a car who don’t belong in the neighborhood. We have seen suspects drop others off to break-in and return when they have the property ready to be loaded into a car.
* Strangers knocking on doors or ringing door bells. Often times burglars will knock on the door before breaking in to see if someone is home.
* Audible alarms from a residence
* A person carrying household property on foot.
* Someone peering into parked cars or removing license plates or car accessories.
* Strangers loitering or driving through the neighborhood: Someone going door to door, trying to open doors or going around to the back.
* Any Unusual or “odd” behavior that seems “out of place” in your neighborhood.
* Youth in neighborhood during school hours
I would also encourage all neighborhoods that do not have a Neighborhood Watch to contact Officer Brown with our Community Resource Unit. For those that do have a Neighborhood Watch Program, please let your communities know that we do offer Security Surveys. A crime prevention officer comes by your residence to give crime prevention advice about lighting, locks, landscaping, etc., to make your home less attractive to criminals. Officer Brown can be reached at Laurence.Brown@ durhamnc. gov or by phone at 919-560-4404.
Some basic ways to make your home less attractive to burglars are as follows (this is not an all-inclusive list):
* Avoid leaving items out in plain sight. This includes bicycles or scooters or power equipment in your driveway or yard as these items are easy to walk away with.
* Keep your garage door closed and locked
* If you purchase a new electronic devise such as a computer or television, don’t leave the box out beside the trash can or recycling bin. To a criminal this is a sign you have expensive items in your home.
* Be aware of leaving your curtains or blinds open. Criminals do look for easy to grab items so they can be in and out quickly. Walk around your own home both in the day and night to see what can be seen from the street as well as outside windows. The reflection or glow at night from a large flat screen TV is an invitation. Consider doing a minor redesign to move items out of view.
* More break-ins occur during the day when folks are not home. If your home seems occupied it is less likely to be a target.
* Think of the environment around your home. Tall shrubs and overgrown trees provide a hiding place for criminals.
* If you go out of town, have a friend/neighbor house sit, pick up mail, and newspapers. Never advertise you are out of town by posting information on social media. Fill out a property check request with your local Police District.
* Get to know your neighbors! A closer knit community is less likely to have break-ins.
* Lock your doors and windows and if you have an alarm system use it.
WRITE DOWN YOUR MAKE MODEL AND SERIAL NUMBER OF ALL ELECTRONICS AS WELL AS HAVING PHOTOS OF JEWELRY! This is one of the only ways Law Enforcement can link property back to the owner.
Please be safe out there and look out for your neighbors!

Lieutenant M.K. Bond
District 2
Durham Police Department
919-560-4582 (*29243) durhamnc. gov

Bring your trash cans in. No pick-up this week.

The City of Durham  Solid Waste Management Department  has suspended trash and recycling collections on Thursday, January 18. Road and weat...