Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Increase in break-ins along American Tobacco Trail

From PAC3 Listserv:

Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:31 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Addison, David"


Captain Andrews and I have noticed an increase in breaks in to motor vehicles in the parking areas along the American Tobacco Trail. We are sharing this information with you, so you can take extra steps to reduce the opportunities for criminals. These incidents are not unique to our community. Other municipalities are investigating similar crimes along their trails.

If you are leaving from home to use the trail for exercise or enjoyment, only bring what you need along with you. Usually, I will bring identification, a water bottle, a phone and for those listen to either music or audio files, an mp3 player or other device. The thieves looking into cars along the trail are stealing items in plain view or can see something which may give an indication that something is hidden inside the vehicle. Something which sparks a suspects' interest are power cords to smartphones or other electronic devices. If they see the cord, they believe the electronic device in somewhere in the vehicle. Please remove anything that can be seen from inside your vehicle.

Please be very aware of your surroundings! Criminals are often park their cars in some of these locations and watching you when you arrive and when you leave. So if you put your purse or valuables in your trunk once you arrive, there is a possibility the suspects will see you. Also when you leave, some people will get their purse or valuables out of the trunk and put them in the car. Criminals see this and will remember your vehicle the next time you return.

The Durham Police Department&# 39;s Investigative Units for District Three and District Four along with other facets of our department are working to identify suspects related to these crimes. We have units conducting operations to identify and arrest suspects. This is where we need your assistance. Please call 911 for any suspicious persons or activities you observe. If you see someone loitering around the parking lot and looking into cars, give us a call providing a description of the individual.

Please share this email with your family, friends and coworker. Together, we are making Durham a safer community.


Captain David W. Addison
Commander, District Three
Durham Police Department
8 Consultant Place
Durham, NC 27707
919-560-4583 ext. 29352 desk
919-937-8844 cell
919-560-4827 fax
www.durhampolice. com<http://www.durhampo lice.com/>
david.addison@ durhamnc. gov<mailto:david.addison@ durhamnc. gov>

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