Saturday, March 15, 2014

PAC3 Crime Update

From the PAC3 list:


I want to thank all of you who participated in driving our crime down in District Three. Every month, we are tasked with identifying new criminals who attempt to use our community for their profit. Your calls have netted excellent results! Last month, District Three's Criminal Investigative Unit along with patrol officers arrested forty four individuals which included 208 felony warrants and 81 misdemeanor warrants. Unfortunately, some of these criminals were repeat offenders who were arrested and upon release on bond committed another crime in our community.

Your calls allowed us to catch several suspects either committing the crime or just after committing the crime. Unfortunately, we are still investigating cases where neighbors who saw suspects and never called 911 or the homeowner to see if the person belong inside their residence. Over fourteen percent of the crimes during the month of February of 2014 involved juveniles. These juveniles are usually accompanied by a person over the age of sixteen. We are continuing to work with Assistant District Attorney Fungia Bennett to resolve those cases and offer assistance when appropriate to the offender and their respective families.

We saw a sharp decrease in larcenies from motor vehicles during the month of February. Lt. Sembly and I attended several communities meetings and spoke with many residents regarding this crime issue. By simply removing items from the view of suspects, either when you arrive home or before arriving at your destination, is a huge deterrent. Please continue to take the extra thirty seconds to remove items from the visibility of anyone passing by your vehicle.

During our monthly Partners Against Crime meeting, we were happy to share the spike observed in burglaries has come down. Your calls, coupled with several arrested made across our district by investigators and patrol officers has made a difference. Our goal is to bring that number down even further. Lt. Sembly and I are driving through your communities and speaking with residents about the importance of calling 911 when you observe a suspicious person or activity. Give us the opportunity to investigate.

As the seasons change and crime levels rise and fall, we shall take each challenge head on, together. Our success is exactly that, our success. Your calls are making a difference. Taking the extra time to remove items from your car is making a difference. Reducing opportunities for criminals to impact our community is making a difference. Together, we are making a difference.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Captain David W. Addison
Commander, District Three
Durham Police Department
8 Consultant Place
Durham, NC 27707
919-560-4583 ext. 29352 desk
919-937-8844 cell
919-560-4827 fax<><>

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