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Teens- Be a VOLUNTEER this summer!

Be a VOLUNTEEN this summer! Teens can sign up to be a Volunteer for the library's summer reading program. You'll help run the Summer Reading Desk, help patrons sign up for the program, track books, give out prizes, and more! Plus, you'll earn some community service hours.

Click on the link to find out more:

Steering comittee mtg on 5/13

Steering comittee meeting on Tuesday (5/13) at 7:00 pm at Martha's house. Block captains (and anyone else interested) should attend.

voting tomorrow

From INC blog:

Tuesday is a combined general election for school board, partisan primaries for offices such as US Senate and sheriff, and non-partisan primaries for judges.  Across Durham County, about 7000 people came to early voting -- out of about 200,000 registered voters, so we had 3.5% turnout.  I hope that means people are just waiting on Election Day!

A couple points about changes in the voting process:
Voters will be asked if theyhavean photo ID, but notfortheir ID. This has been pretty confusing.  What is going on is that the Board of Elections folks are trying to get contact information for people whoneedIDs so they can be ready for 2016, when they need a photo ID.  Because it is a primary, votes will be asked which party they belong to so they can get the right ballot. Independents can choose to vote in at most one of the three partisan primaries.  Voters are not asked to state their party in general elections.Not all the races are on all the ballots.  If your par…

Durham Activities on Saturday

There is a lot going on this Saturday in and around Central Park in Downtown Durham:
Bull City sculpture Show Festival in Spring (TIS) at Central Park
TIS will include:
2PM Bike Parade 3-8PM Community Pot Luck (Bring something to eat to share by 5PM ) & 8-10PM Lantern Parade & Illuminate Durham including Cirque de Vol, Paperhand Puppet Intervention, the Walltown Children's Theater, the Bulltown Strutters & more!