Monday, July 21, 2014

E-Conservation Home Energy Assessment and Retrofit Program

The new energy retrofit program,  E-Conservation Home Energy Assessment and Retrofit Program, offered by Durham County Cooperative Extension has fewer restrictions than NERP had.  To qualify, the home must be
·         less than 2200 sq. ft.,
·         built before 2006, and
·         be in Durham County.
Qualified homeowners get help with
·         air sealing and caulking cracks, crevices, window or doors frames,
·         replacing incandescent lights with CFLs,
·         insulating a water heater, and
·         repairing loose air ducts.
What qualified homeowners have to do
  • attend an E-Conservation workshop (and receive a free starter energy kit whether or not you qualify for the program),
  • agree to pay the first $100.00 of the overall $800.00 grant cost to the assigned energy contractor,
·         be present for the assessment,
·         allow the E-conservation program to monitor their energy use,
·         allow later check-up visits, and
  • sign a waiver. 
Step 1 - Register for the E-Conservation Workshop
Event:            E-Conservation Workshop
Time:              Monday, July 21, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Place:            South Regional Library, 4505 South Alston Ave.
Cost:              Free!
Register:        Go to, scroll down, and click on View full South Regional calendar.
**You can come to the workshop even if you don’t qualify for the E-Conservation Home Energy Assessment and Retrofit Program.

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