Monday, September 15, 2014

Crime and Watchful Neighbors

If you read this blog or come to neighborhood meetings, you know that back in June we had a house break-in and in July someone (or a group of people) went through the neighborhood stealing out of about 15 unlocked cars.

Since January 2014, those are the only crimes that show up for Hope Valley North on the Crimemapper database:

Meaning we live in a pretty safe neighborhood. But there are also many near crimes that you don’t hear about. In recent weeks, a strange man was peering in the windows of a house where new neighbors recently moved. Luckily the new homeowners had meet with their neighbors so when one person saw this strange man looking in windows, she did the best thing she could do….she called the police. Who came and caught the man.

Just yesterday, an SUV with two men drove past a house in HVN and saw a nice bicycle on the front porch. They drove back by, parked on the street and one guy jumped out and walked up the driveway to grab the bike. Again an observant neighbor knew that the person taking the bike did not belong and called the police. He prevented the bike from being stolen.

One of the best deterrents to crime is getting to know your neighbors and calling the police if you see someone or something that looks out of place.

We do live near areas of high crime. The townhouses at the end of Colchester have had two assaults and six break-ins since January. In order to get to those townhouses, criminals must drive through our neighborhood. We all need to be watchful for ourselves and our neighbors.

And thanks to those neighbors mentioned above who paid attention when they saw something odd and called the police!

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