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Mungo- Found

You have likely seen fliers for "Mungo" the lost orange cat. He was even mentioned at our December General Meeting. Well, he was found by a neighbor on Stonehedge and after a three weeks on  the loose...He is home safe and sound.

Looking ahead to 2015

Please make your calendars!!

General Meeting Dates
March 10
June 9
September 8
December 8

Steering Meeting Dates
February 10
May 12
August 11
November 10

PAC3 Meeting - this Saturday-December 13

PAC3 Meeting - this Saturday-December 13
PAC 3 Neighbors,

Join us this Saturday, December 13, from 10 am to noon for our monthly
PAC3 meeting. The meeting is held at 1309 Halley Street, Durham, NC
27707 (Community Family Life & Recreation Center at Lyon Park.)
**Guest Speaker:* Josh Edwards, Strategic Initiatives Manager for the
City of Durham.
*Topic:* "What's Next? for the City's Strategic Plan."
The City of Durham Strategic Plan, updated every two years, is the
City's business plan--a guide used to direct energies in almost every
area of city government. The plan includes five goals:
. Safe and Secure Community
. Thriving, Livable Neighborhoods
. Well-managed City
. Stewardship of City's Physical Assets
. Strong and Diverse Economy

*What's Next?* The City of Durham is currently seeking direction on the
strategic plan's 5 goals and where the City should focus future efforts
through the survey "Wh…

Meeting Reminder

Don't forget about the general meeting tonight!

December General Meeting, Elections, and Holiday Gathering