Wednesday, February 11, 2015

District 3 Contact Information

Did you know the Hope Valley North is in District 3? Ever wonder who in the city you should call for an issue but not sure? Below is a list of District 3 contact information:

Durham Police Department

Sub Station District 3
#8 Consultant Place, 27707

Capt. David Addison
919.560.4583 x 29352

Assistant Commander Lieutenant Mark J. Morais (919) 560-4583 ext. 29354

Citizen Observation Patrol (COP) Officer John Suitt, Jr. (919) 560-4404, ext. 29361

Community Resources
Master Officer Jeffery Fair
919.560.4404 x 29417, 919.591.1783 (c)

City of Durham Police
Non-Emergencies Numbers

Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Sgt. Keith Johnson (919) 560-4583 x 29359

Victim/Witness Service Unit
Lukas Strout
919.560.4404 x 29293

Fair Housing (Housing discrimina-tion) Larry Revelle
919.560.4107 x 34278

Code Enforcement Officer *NEW*(Houses)(Weedy Lots/ABVs)
Marie James
919.560.1NIS (1647) x 34281

Code Enforcement Officer
Dawn Hill-Alston
919.560.1NIS (1647) x 34260

Impact Team Manager
Daryl Hedgspeth
919.560.1NIS (1647) x 34255

Solid Waste Management
Andrew Martin
919.560.4186 x 32245

Zoning Enforcement Officer
Karen Swope
919.560.4137 x 28242

Zoning Enforcement
Grace Smith
919.560.4137 x 28215


(speed humps. speed limit, street-lights)
Terry Thompson
919.560.4366 x 36407

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