Monday, July 20, 2015

Community Conversation on Police & Community Relations Forum

The Community Conversation on Police & Community Relations Forum will be
held from 6:30PM until 8:30PM on Monday, July 20, 2015 at Holton Career and
Resource Center, 401 North Driver Street, Durham, NC 27703.

The event is designed to allow the residents of Durham to voice their
concerns and to offer positive solutions for the improved relations between
the community and law enforcement officials.

Angela Lee, the executive director of the Hayti Heritage Center, will serve
as the moderator of a panel discussion that will open the session. Lee will
guide an interactive conversation between police officials, community
activists, and civic leaders. I have been invited to represent the Civilian
Police Review Board.

Using a balanced approach to the discussion of multiple issues, the panel
will utilize the first 30 minutes of the program. Following the panel
dialogue, individual audience members will be asked to offer suggestions and
solutions that would improve the overall relationship and the cooperation
between law enforcement and citizens.

The suggestions and solutions offered will be received and documented for
improvements that can make Durham a model city in the area of police and
community relations.

The event is a collaborative venture between the Durham City Council, Board
of County Commissioners, DPS Board of Education and the community at-large.

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