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Durham County to Enforce Canine Waste Collection

Durham County to Enforce Canine Waste Collection

Post Date:03/15/2016
    Durham, N.C. – Dog owners living in or visiting Durham County are now responsible for collecting and properly disposing of canine waste. At a regular session held by the Durham Board of County Commissioners on Monday, March 14, 2016, commissioners voted unanimously to amend and add a code provision to Chapter 4, Article VI, section 4-140 of the Durham County Code of Ordinances entitled Removal of Canine Waste. This provision addresses public property, public right of way or any private property without the permission of the private property owner.

    In part, the section states “any person owning, harboring, walking, in possession of or in charge of a dog which defecates on public property, public park property, public right-of-way or any private property without the permission of the private property owner, shall remove all feces immediately after it is deposited by the dog.  All feces removed in accordance with this section shall be placed in a suitable bag or other container that closes and disposed of in a lawful manner.”

    According to the Office of the Durham County Attorney, the ordinance helping to keep public spaces sanitary for all, is effective immediately, however, civil penalties will not be assessed until September 14, 2016. A first offense will result in a fine of $50. The consequence of a second offense is $100 and $150 for repeat offenders.

    Enforcement of the ordinance will be handled by the Animal Services Division of the Durham Office of the Sheriff.

    The provision regarding pet waste aligns with Durham County’s desire to make the County a desirable place to live, work and thrive. The County is not the first to develop a “poop and scoop” regulation for residents. Several North Carolina counties and municipalities, including Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Raleigh, and Apex, have taken a similar step to enforce proper pick up of solid excretions made by canines.

    The provision does not apply to a guide dog, hearing dog or service dog accompanying a person with a disability.

    For more information about Durham County Government’s Code of Ordinances regarding Animals, contact Public Information for the Durham County Manager’s Office at 919-560-0000.

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