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Attempted Home Invasion

Over the weekend, there was an attempted home invasion. Someone tried to kick in the backdoor of a house while the occupants were at home (asleep at night). A home security system alarm woke up the home owners who called the police.

While Hope Valley North is general a safe place, there has been an increase in crime over the past few months from unlocked cars being rifled through, to locked cars being broken into, to the burglary of a house while no one was home to an attempted break-in at night with the family at home.

Please beware of your surrounds and call the police if you see anything suspicious.

Google woork in HVN

Gigabit Fiber Construction
Construction Overview  Private utility companies such as AT&T, Google, and Time Warner Cable are constructing new and upgrading existing communications infrastructure. The work includes the installation of Gigabit Fiber throughout Durham (which should bring more services, capabilities, and choices for those living and doing business in our community.
The City of Durham is not performing this work. The City is responsible for inspecting the work in the public rights-of-way to ensure it is restored to an acceptable condition. A private consulting firm was hired by the City of Durham to assist with the project management and inspections associated with this work (see below for contact information).
What to Expect: 
Contractors  Informational door hangers should be distributed in advance of construction in your neighborhood. Most of the utility companies contractor's use sub-contractors to perform this work. Sub-contractor vehicles/equipment are generally not …

HVNNA General Meeting -June 21

The June general meeting will take place on 6/21 at 7:00 pm. It will be held at Piper's Deli. Please come out and meet your neighbors.

another car break-in

Last night, we had another car break-in. A few weekends ago, someone went through the neighborhood opening unlocked cars and stealing items. But last night, someone broke into a locked car on Suffolk Street. Please be aware of your surrounds and watch out for your neighbors.

Call 911 if you see anything strange.

crime alert

We had a break-in last night in our neighborhood. It took place in the evening between 6pm and 8pm while neighbors were home after work and it was still light outside. The homeowner was out of the house for less than 2 hours and came home to find the house broken into through the backdoor.

We also had cars broken into two weekends ago.

Please keep an eye out and report anything suspicious to the police.