Monday, June 19, 2017

theft on Suffolk

Attention fellow neighbors:

Last Friday afternoon (616/17) a vehicle described as an older model Toyota sedan (possibly an Avalon) stopped in front a house on Suffolk. The driver described as a tall light skinned male aprox. 25-35 yrs old got out of the car and stole 2 expensive pieces of lawn equipment off of a lawn maintenance vehicle belonging to one of our neighbors. Witnesses were unable to get a license number. Police were called and a report was filed but no suspect has been apprehended.
This type of theft has happened before in this area. These types of thefts are usually done by folks looking for opportunities where the homeowner has temporarily left items on their front lawn or have their garage doors open and so on.
Please make sure that you keep an eye open for any suspicious activities or unfamiliar cars roaming the neighborhood. If you do see something unusual we encourage you to call 911.

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